Who We Do It For

The funds we raise support our featured charity, Paws for Patriots™, a program of Southeastern Guide Dogs that provides guide dogs to veterans.

Group photo of the Calendar Girls with one of  the Paws for Patriots pups in training.

Dancing to Serve our Community

The Calendar Girls use dance and entertainment to raise awareness and cash for a variety of charities. Our featured charity is Paws for Patriots™ – a part of the Southeastern Guide Dog School of Palmetto, Florida. This organization trains guide dogs for our visually-impaired veterans. The average cost of training one dog is $60,000 and Paws for Patriots™ relies solely on donations from the community. Read about the vets and the pups that have benefitted.

A News Story That Says it All

Paws For Patriots™

Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Paws for Patriots™ is a special program for members of our armed forces who have given so much for their country. Through this program, they provide guide dogs to veterans who are visually impaired, veteran assistance dogs to those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and place facility therapy dogs at military medical establishments such as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to share their affection and encouragement to soldiers as they recover from injuries.